Every time I see a mushroom…..


I have a vivid, childhood memory of a storybook illustration of two fairies huddled underneath a mushroom hiding from a very long-legged frog (wearing a tuxedo, if memory serves me correctly). The title, author and even the story itself have long since been forgotten, but that particular picture has remained with me all these years.

Every time I see a mushroom, my mind travels back to a time when I thought that fairies hid sacks of pennies in pine thickets (compliments of my grandmother) and changed the seasons with swishes of their magic wands (compliments of Walt Disney’s Fantasia). They were always elegantly dressed with glittering wings and long, flowing hair flitting around from flower to flower in my backyard. I was constantly on the lookout for them (and was sure I heard them one day) but never did actually see one….. that is, until I opened my fairy tale books.

So I would like to publicly thank the artist, whomever it may be, for taking a picture from their imagination and turning it into a beautiful storybook illustration that allows me to travel back to a very magical place every time I see a mushroom……


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