This past week, during one of the most hectic weeks I’ve had in quite sometime, I received a most lovely surprise. I had been nominated for the One Lovely Blog award!

I must admit that I am addicted to loveliness in my surroundings! Messiness and clutter literally tires me in a very physical way! I have spent the better part of the last decade in an epic struggle against ugliness by trying to turn an old, run-down house and a neglected piece of land into a lovely, peaceful home where I could raise a family. One of the most satisfying things to me about blogging is that I have the ability to produce lovely images and a lovely experience for anyone who happens to wander by!

Many thanks Cathy at Words and Herbs for nominating me for this award! Cathy lives in the lovely Bavaria, where there is so much natural beauty, I doubt they have a native word for ugly! Her blog is filled with incredible photographs, beautiful poetry and even some tasty recipes! You will not regret clinking the link and visiting Cathy!

I would also like to pass along a nomination to Bonnie at The Iris and the Lily. Bonnie’s brilliant photography captures the loveliness of her incredible garden, the surrounding countryside and her travels! Bonnie’s blog is a visual feast for the eyes!



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