The dogwood has long been symbolic of the Resurrection to the Christian faith. The cross-shaped flowers; pinkish, blood-tinged petals and blooms that appear around Easter every year serve as reminders to believers of new life offered to us through Christ ‘s sacrifice. New life raised from defeat, suffering, heartache……



Almost two years ago one of the strongest tornadoes to hit the state of Mississippi ravaged its way through some land my family has owned for generations out in the country. Fifty acres covered with one hundred year old hardwoods that I spent most weekends of my childhood romping through on foot or riding through on trails by horseback.


For a child, the creek meandering its way through the “bottom” supplied hours of discovery and entertainment. Tales of a Civil War cave used by hiding Confederates amidst the hills provided an exciting quest. An old homesite with a deep well and the ever-threatening presence of snakes provided plenty of danger.


As I walked down a wide-open path that had once been covered by a canopy of trees so thick that you could not see the sky, I began to notice that amidst the piles of mangled trees, many wild dogwoods had survived and were blooming. The contrast was striking. Beauty shining through the wreckage….new life rising out of death and destruction…….Resurrection.



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