Bridal Bouquets

I have always been partial to the softer, pastel colors over their brighter, richer relatives. So when I met with florist to design my bridal bouquet many years ago, I knew I wanted a lush, frilly bouquet of pink and white.

“That’s very traditional,” the florist said. “Most young ladies your age want something brighter, more modern.”

“I have often thought I was born in the wrong century, so please find the softest baby pinks and muted whites you can!” I replied.

The soft-hued, delicate pinks and whites of these azaleas, bridal bush, and other spring bloomers bring back memories of that day and that “old-fashioned” bouquet.







5 thoughts on “Bridal Bouquets

  1. Looking at your photo’s, I almost feel jealous. I have had people call me a harsh unforgiving old man and they may be right, but I was born, raised and live all my life in a harsh unforgiving land. The weak, fluffy and tender do not survive in West Texas or Southwest Oklahoma’s hot dry winds, years long drought’s, grass and brush fires.
    Grinning, and that’s the good years 🙂
    Happy Gardening

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