Lazy Day by the Water

My mother has always called me a water baby. She claims from my infancy, I came alive in the bath or a pool. To this day, if I do not get to swim in the ocean at least once a year, I feel cheated. I love ponds, adore creeks, and just thinking about a waterfall relaxes me. One day, when my little one is old enough for their not to be any safety concerns, I plan on having a garden filled with fish ponds, fountains and waterfalls (I live on the top of a hill and am married to a civil engineer – SURELY, this won’t be a problem ;)!

I recently got to spend a (somewhat) relaxing day at my family cabin, which included a little fishing! There is nothing more soothing to the soul than a warm afternoon in the sun by a sparkling lake!


……except when you have a fearless three year old who you are desperately trying to keep out of aforementioned sparkling lake, then things don’t seem quite so soothing!


…..and then there was that encounter with the venomous moccasin, who thankfully was as scared of me as I was of it! No pictures – I just ran! I wouldn’t make a very good war correspondent, would I? Running instead of getting the great shot!


Oh well, at least I did get some nice non-life-threatening shots. This spot looks to me like some Disney Fairies should live there!



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