Wild Kingdom

I felt like Jack Hanna today, tripping over animals everywhere I stepped!

This is the newest addition to our family, a very mischievous kitten we acquired over the weekend!


She has just been weaned and we are keeping her in the house for awhile until she gets used to us and our yellow Labrador gets used to her.
Notice her excitement about the newest member of the family 🙂 ……..


And then there was the community turtle. We really ought to name him, he has been around so long. My neighbor tells me he first started seeing him ten years ago or so!
We have a creek that runs beside our house and the neighbors have a small pond, so he travels back and forth. You probably can’t tell from the photos, but he is quite large. He is also quite grumpy when being photographed, hissing loudly several times at me!



Speaking of grumpy animals, our previously well-behaved mare has let all of the new, lush, green grass go straight to her head! She no longer feels that she should be ridden, and will not come when we call her for the first time! An old horseman I know assures me they often go through this the first few weeks of spring, but will soon tire of the grass and come begging for sweet feed!


And then I almost accidentally squashed this lizard, and yet he was still good enough to pose for me! They are EVERYWHERE! Rarely do you go outside without seeing at least two or three. I don’t know what it is about our place that is so conducive to them, but they thrive and multiply!


And then there was this, uh….thing…..


I don’t have the foggiest idea what it is. It looks sort of like a grasshopper, but has claw-like feet! I showed it to my husband, who worked all of his high school summers for an entomologist keeping track of insects in cotton fields, and he has never seen anything like it! Any ideas???


4 thoughts on “Wild Kingdom

    • Mystery solved! I found a Mississippi entomological site and they said the European Mole Cricket had been introduced to the US in 1917 and had spread to the South! The picture looked just like what we saw. Thanks Herbstbaum!

      • My pleasure. I´d like to see one either. There exist also american species, as I read (Grylloptala scaptericus, G. neocurtilla).

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