Barn Cats

Confession time….I am not much of a cat person. Please, no hate mail….I just prefer dogs.

My daughter however is a cat person, therefore we have cats. I have always heard that you need a couple of cats around when you have a barn because the presence of mice encourages snakes. After several snake incidents (non-poisonous, thankfully) around the horse’s stall in the last couple of months, I have decided to encourage this rather scary, panther-ish looking wild cat to hang around and stay for awhile! If looks could kill…..



4 thoughts on “Barn Cats

  1. I live in England so I’m amazed when I hear stories about venomous snakes, poisonous spiders and dangerous critters in general… we are generally only threatened by slugs and the occasional fox around here!
    The cat looks like he has plenty of character – but I would say that as a cat-person! 🙂

    • Oh wow, that must be nice! Snakes are a constant threat here, thankfully they aren’t as aggressive as most people think, the scariest thing is worrying about the children not paying attention and stepping on one! We also have coyotes, foxes, and bobcats, but they too are pretty shy and only cause problems for chicken owners. Recently, the State Wildlife Dept. warned us that a rare black bear had been spotted around our family property! That has got me a bit spooked! I don’t let my older child walk by herself anymore!

  2. I love cats! That’s an adorable cat you’ve photographed. I volunteer at an animal shelter where I photograph cats available for adoption, so you’ve found my weakness. We have two cats, but we don’t let them outside. They’d be no match for the larger wildlife in our area. We’ve got raccoons, a few coyotes, deer, possums, even a bobcat or two as well as hawks and owls. Sometimes we’ve seen rattlesnakes. The cat you’ve posted here looks like he might be able to defend himself, but it’s a tough life for an outdoor cat.

    • Sorry for just now responding to your comment, it was sent to Spam for some reason! I happened to check it today! My apologies!

      Yes this is a wild cat that has been hanging around, he is not very friendly :(. Our new kitten on the other hand is friendly enough for both of them! Cats are very useful around barns, so I tolerate the feral cat’s evil stares:)

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