Small Towns

When visiting most small towns in Mississippi, you will usually see several streets lined with beautiful, turn of the century homes or possibly a few antebellum homes if that particular town was spared the ravages of the Civil War. These streets usually radiate from the main town square and railroad depot, as these were prime locations when horses were the main mode of transportation.

In an increasing number of Mississippi towns, there have been intensive efforts to preserve the character of these historical districts. Unfortunately, for some towns, I fear it is too late. Over the course of time, these town centers- close to noisy shops and railroads- were seen as less desirable locations, making fewer and fewer people willing to spend the considerable amount of money needed for the upkeep of these majestic homes.

These houses are an example of preservation done well in the North Mississippi city of Grenada. The homes date from 1860s-1890s, which may surprise some because they are not the typical Greek Revival style associated with that era. The thing I love most is the unique character of each of these homes, nothing like the cookie-cutter, cost-effective homes of today…..



I love the gingerbread on this one, the Star of David highlights the little known fact that a lot of Mississippi towns, particularly in the Delta, have minority Jewish populations…..



3 thoughts on “Small Towns

  1. We have homes like this in Georgia, too, so I can relate to the points you make in this post. Funny, isn’t it, that often it takes decades before we truly appreciate something. There was a huge effort to save our “Fabulous Fox Theatre” in Atlanta from being torn down for new develpment, and now it is a landmark of the city.

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