Delta Blues

I was recently up in North Mississippi and was able to hear a Blues band out of Memphis play one evening. The musician pictured said he had been playing for forty years! The Blues originated in the Mississippi Delta around the 1920s in poor African American communities and was played in clubs or in Mississippi vernacular, “juke joints.”


This style of music had a profound impact on Elvis Presley, who was born in Tupelo, Mississippi. During Elvis’ teen years he lived in a house less than a mile from Beale Street where he got a heavy dose of the Blues in clubs around Memphis. He mixed it with country and Gospel and pretty much revolutionized music in the U.S.

Personally, although Blues isn’t something I would listen to over and over again on my IPod, I must say that it is some of the most enjoyable live music you will ever hear. Every once in awhile I get to hear a performance at a festival or restaurant and have never walked away disappointed. If you ever get a chance to hear some Delta Blues, sit back and enjoy, I promise you won’t be disappointed either!


8 thoughts on “Delta Blues

  1. I love old blues. Proud to say I’ve driven along part of Highway 61, visited Clarksdale and its Blues Museum, and stood in the room in Tupelo where Elvis was born! Robert Johnson in particular has been very important to me. First discovered his music while driving through America in 1993, when I visited the places mentioned above.

    • So you have been to Mississippi! I don’t know if it was like this ’93, but the state has put quite a bit of money into the “Blues Trail” along Hwy 61 marking historical sites and such. Can’t say that I am familiar with Robert Johnson, will have to look him up. The Delta is a unique place, glad you got to visit!

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