Fairy Flowers

In the garden where I grew up there was a very large tree on our woodline boundary that produced the most unusual, bright pink, tentacle-like blooms. To me, the blooms looked like something which fairies would turn upside down and use as ball gowns! It also had frond-like leaves that when you picked them would curl up and wilt within seconds before your eyes, adding to the general awesomeness of this tree in an eight year old’s mind! This Mimosa tree was my favorite in our garden along with the very small, purple, plum tree that I used to climb (I have never liked heights :)).

Mimosas are fast growing, but short lived trees, with a life span of only twenty years or so. I distinctly remember my father having to cut our Mimosa down with his chainsaw because it was dying off branch by branch. This is probably why you don’t see them in many home gardens, but mainly on roadsides and woodlines. They are blooming in full force now and when we passed some traveling the other day, my wonderfully obliging husband pulled off the road and I took a few shots. Brought back a lot of memories, I even pulled off a frond and watched it wilt 🙂





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