Farm Life

When most people think of farms in The South, I rather imagine that large sprawling plantations with thousands of acres of cotton are the first thing that comes to mind. However, the small family farm has been an important player in Southern agriculture for generations. Unfortunately, due to economic factors, small farmers are a dying breed….but I say we pull a Scarlett O’Hara and just not think about that today 😉 instead focusing on a few snapshots of daily life from the farm where my husband grew up….

Disclaimer: Please see my post regarding my newly found passion for the Manual Mode on my camera, as you can see from these shots, I still have a lot to learn ….

It is the first round of harvesting hay this summer….


All farms need big, red barns….



This would be a diesel tank for filling up the tractors, etc….


As I post this I am staring out at our rows of corn that were flattened by 70 mph straight-line winds. We will probably lose half of the crop. Makes you appreciate what farmers go through to produce our food for us- can you imagine if your income was dependent on the whims of the weather?


I put this photo last in the hopes that it would escape your notice how totally overexposed it is :)….Hope everyone has a wonderful day!


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