The Little Things

Since I have started playing around with photography, I have begun to notice a lot more detail about the world around me. The little things that I am usually too busy to notice as I run the rat race of a normal day.

For close to a decade now, I have watched my magnolia tree bloom every year, yet have never noticed how beautiful and unusual the seed cone inside of the flower is…..



or the texture of a mushroom hiding beneath the shrubbery…..


or the beauty of corn as it tassels….


or the tiny individual flowers of lantana as it comes into full bloom….


I am starting to realize that it is truly the little things that make everyday life pleasant, if I will just slow down enough to notice them!

Have a wonderful weekend!


11 thoughts on “The Little Things

  1. Ah, so THAT’S what happens if you hit “PUBLISH” without saving first! I always have to remind myself – have come very close myself.

    I agree, it’s amazing how much more of everything you start noticing when you get into photography. You start mentally framing just about everything you see!

    I especially ove the perspective on the mushroom shot here.

    • Yep, that is what happens! You have to admit you are an airhead and apologize all over the place :)!

      I now see things almost completely in terms of how it will photograph, I think I may have an addiction going on here!

  2. That magnolia photo is absolutely amazing! Great shot! And I love the mushroom too. I understand this addiction totally, and see you are bitten by the bug… lying down in damp grass for the perfect angle is probably only the beginning… LOL!

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