I need one desperately….after a week of directing VBS- a week of summer camp activities mixed with Bible study for those of you unfamiliar with the term. Around a hundred kids and forty adults all looking at me to coordinate their arts and crafts, games, snacks….whew…it was fun, but I am exhausted.

To make matters worse, I was supposed to be catnapping on the beach today; however, Tropical Storm Debby took care of those plans. When The Weather Channel’s Hurricane Guy Jim Cantore starts broadcasting from your destination the night before you are supposed to leave, it is time to cancel reservations!

Oh well, hopefully I will have some tropical pictures to show you in a few weeks!



7 thoughts on “Catnaps….

      • I coordinate it, and yes we do have a high-energy group. We create four “big” lessons and do rotation-style classes (arts, movie, museum, games, etc.) for our up-and-coming Kindergarteners thru 5th graders each Sunday and Wednesday from June through August. The kids love it, their “guides” have a blast hanging with them each week, and the teachers like the ease of delivering the same lesson to several groups. And all our effort to build props and makeover the classrooms gets well-used for 13 weeks before we take it down and resume our regularly-scheduled programming 🙂

      • The cost/benefit of the time and effort spent on VBS was a big part of our decision. Along with retention of the material for our kids, and having a great excuse for them to invite friends and neighbors back repeatedly throughout the summer. We’re in our third year; all-told the series of lessons takes 6 summers to go from beginning to end, then we start over.

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