A Rose Garden

O flower at my window
Why blossom you so fair,
With your green and purple cup
Upturned to sun and air?
‘I bloom, blithesome Bessie,
To cheer your childish heart;
The world is full of labor,
And this shall be my part.’
Whirl, busy wheel, faster,
Spin, little thread, spin;
The sun shines fair without,
And we are gay within.

The Rose Family, Song 1 by Louisa May Alcott

I was recently able to visit a public rose garden at the University of Southern Mississippi. It has been elected one of the “”Greenest Universities” in the country due to its beautiful landscaping.

I must note that several of these photos were taken by my eleven year old, up-and-coming photographer :)!








10 thoughts on “A Rose Garden

    • Thank you! It did smell wonderful, I liked the orange one too, very unusual coloring. If I were a good blogger/rosarian I would have taken the time to document the names, however my three year old was with me and not having a good time, so I did the best I could :)!

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