Sidewalk Gardens in Natchez

Walking down the sidewalks of the historic district of downtown Natchez, Mississippi, is a treat for the gardener who appreciates formal design. Besides the formality of the glorious homes, there is wrought iron at every turn, old brick walls enclosing secret courtyards, clipped boxwood hedges and live oaks dripping with Spanish Moss…..





One particular sidewalk garden really stood out. It was a beautiful, private residence not open to the public and probably not antebellum, but the lady of the house was obviously quite a gardener and had spent a lot of time to make the sidewalk around her home an Eden for visitors passing by. Cast-iron plant at the base of the sidewalk with asparagus fern and creeping Jenny spilling over the beautiful brick retaining walls, pineapple statues (a symbol of hospitality) and enormous urns at the entrances. Stunningly elegant….





12 thoughts on “Sidewalk Gardens in Natchez

  1. Gorgeous! My husband keeps promising me we will get to go on a quick trip to Mississippi soon. Now I can’t wait! All that green looks so refreshing and cool. Thanks for the tour!

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