August Blooms

A mild August has kept flowers in bloom in my garden a bit longer than usual. These crepe myrtles with their large flower heads are staples of most Southern gardens (and the bees love them too!)….


“Limelight” hydrangeas are one of my favorites, the blooms last forever and they can be cut and dried for fall wreaths…..

I love the yellow mini flower halo on these zinnias, one of those details I never noticed until I started snapping pictures!

Ok, this is technically not a bloom, but I love ferns, especially these “Autumn” ferns with their fall coloring, it makes me think about the season to come!


Have a wonderful weekend!


6 thoughts on “August Blooms

  1. Crepe myrtles are pretty common roadside trees here in Korea, too, and in gardens back in Queensland. Hydrangeas, though native to these parts, seem a lot less common here than in Japan, where I often saw them in the wild.

    Today, like yesterday, there’s a touch of Autumn in the morning air. I’m quite excited about the photographic possibilities of the coming season – which we don’t really have at home – though it also sends shivers of remembrance of the cruel Winter not far beyond…

      • Haha – of course, you’re only seeing my GOOD ones, not the thousands of duds! Congrats on your new camera. You must be having a blast playing with it.

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