The Geometry of Spiderwebs

I once heard someone say that the world is divided into math/science people and english/history people. I definitely belong to the latter….science has always been fascinating to me, but math has been a struggle. If there is such thing as math dyslexia, I am certain I have it. I can do the basic stuff, but when you start talking about geometry, trigonometry, well, it’s Greek to me. Actually, it’s worse, because I do know a little Greek….

The math/science people in my life (my engineer husband and my 6th grade daughter) think its quite amusing to randomly ask me ridiculous math questions they know I can’t answer. My response is always the same, “Can YOU write a paper on the fall of the Roman Empire?”

Spiders are pretty clearly in the math/science category. As I am snapping this shot in the morning sun, it amazes me the geometry that went into this web, everything so evenly spaced with different shapes working together to make a web sound enough to hold the spider and his prey….




Maybe if Mrs. Aldridge would have explained geometry in 10th grade using spiderwebs, I would’ve figured it out! 🙂

Have a wonderful day!


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