My Tripod and a Sunrise

I just bought my first tripod! So I thought I’d get up at ridiculous o’clock this morning and go outside and fight mosquitoes the size of helicopters to snap a few shots of the sun rising in all it’s splendor.

A couple of observations: 1. capturing the true colors of a sunrise is trickier than I thought and 2. using a tripod is trickier than I thought :)….AND you only have about five minutes before everything changes, so you’d better adjust quickly!

All in all, I wasn’t pleased with the sunrise pictures at all, way too blurry for my taste and I just couldn’t capture the richness of the colors like I wanted too, even after playing with all the settings. Next morning out I think I will keep the Image Stabilizer on my Canon lens on, even though I have read that is a no-no when using a tripod, to see if that helps with the blur. As far as the colors, I’m stumped- I played with the White Balance, ISO, shutter speed, everything, and I just couldn’t capture the oranges and the pinks. Even though I don’t like it, since I went to so much trouble, here is the best one…..

The morning fog in the valley behind my house is one of my favorite things about living here. Everything just looks magical and mysterious when mist is surrounding it!




Next morning out I will do some things differently (and wear mosquito spray). I think I just learned one of the major rules of photography- my best photos are the ones I will take tomorrow :)!

Have a good weekend!


12 thoughts on “My Tripod and a Sunrise

  1. I saw a very similar sky from Maine this morning, but didn’t get outdoors fast enough to shoot it. Your photos are fine! You might want to up the ISO number, but remember to put it back . That is a common problem of mine.

  2. Yep, it’s a nerve-wracking business. Do you have a “sunset/-rise” setting on your camera? That might really bring out the colours. And do you do any kind of post-production? You can lift the intensity etc quite easily.

    Enjoy the tripod. I’m stil using a tiny Gorillapod as it’s so portable but it has its limitations. Luckily my camera is relatively tiny as well!

    • No, don’t have a sunrise/sunset setting. I do a little sharpening here and there but work mainly on an iPad, so nothing serious like PhotoShop, just frustrating that I couldn’t capture the colors I was seeing! I have been surprised what a huge difference a tripod makes! I guess it would be hard to lug one around on your hikes 🙂

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