Butterfly Haven

As the weather cools and the summer growing season ends, I have been evaluating my garden to see what changes I will make for next year. There are hits and misses- one whole bed will have to be rethought :(- but one thing I did well was attracting butterflies. I planted lots of zinnias throughout the garden in hopes of attracting more butterflies and hummingbirds to my garden. The hummingbirds didn’t flock to the red ones like I had hoped, but butterflies showed up by the hundreds! Zinnias of different colors, long stemmed, the dwarf varieties- it doesn’t matter- they just can’t resist them! These will probably be the last butterfly pictures of the year, temperatures are supposed to drop into the 50s at night this week!



I love this one’s zebra striped antennas, very stylish!



Hope your week goes well!


4 thoughts on “Butterfly Haven

  1. I was looking at Zinnia seeds in the catalogue at the weekend and thinking I must buy some! There are so many things that I want to grow next year and these will definitely be on my list. I love those little stripey antennae on the butterfly x

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