Cotton Pickin’ Time!

Fall is the air and for cotton farmers it is a very busy time harvesting the crops they have nurtured since spring. As a child growing up in a county where cotton used to be king (read my lament here) this was my absolute favorite time of the year. Rows of fluffy, white cotton everywhere, the culmination of all the farmer’s hard work, his financial well-being….of course, as a kid I really didn’t grasp the full significance, but I knew it was important. For me, it mostly meant I would get to go to my grandfather’s gin and jump in the cotton trailers! You really haven’t lived until you have jumped in a trailer full of cotton! It has a quicksand kind of feeling, except you never sink….difficult to describe, you will just have try it for yourself :).

I went home this past weekend and was pleased to see a little cotton being picked, transported me back a few decades….a much simpler time….






6 thoughts on “Cotton Pickin’ Time!

  1. Cotton-picking. I’ve never seen it grown around here, but my grandmother had stories of having to pick it when she was young. I hope in this year of strange weather the cotton farmers do well. Although my grandfather was a farmer (watermelons, mostly), I can’t imagine how hard it would be to rely upon farming – and the quirks of the weather – to make my living.

    • I picked a little by hand for fun, and I couldn’t imagine doing that all day-back-breaking! From what I hear from the farmers, this year was just ok, not great but not terrible either. It has always seemed scary to me to have your livelihood depend on the whims of weather too!

  2. Amazing crop! You are very used to this but it’s something we’re unable to grow over here so it’s fascinating to see. I’d love to jump in the back of the trailer! Does it smell of anything?

    • The cotton itself has no smell and unfortunately there is usually leftover scent from the defoliant they spray to make the leaves die and fall off, not a terrible scent but very unusual and distinctive 😦 but it is still fun!

  3. Harvest time helps make Autumn a fascinating season for strolling around the countryside. It’s rice harvest season over here, and I don’t tire of watching the farming families at work as I amble around. I enjoyed your reminiscence.

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