Spooky Time

Forgot to post this yesterday 🙂

I am a scaredy cat….I don’t watch scary movies, nor read popular vampire books, nor have I ever enjoyed sitting around campfires listening to frightening stories about ghostly visions. They make me have nightmares.

As you can probably guess, Halloween has never been my favorite holiday. Even as a kid, I was only in it for the candy. In one of my earliest Halloween memories, I was trick-or-treating at the home of one dearest, sweetest old ladies in my neighborhood, when she appeared dressed as a ghost and stuck out her “hand” (which turned out to be a rubber glove filled with ice) and let out the most blood-curdling cackle I have ever heard. I took off running and did not stop until I got home-my mummy costume, which consisted of strips of one my mother’s old sheets wrapped around me, coming unraveled as I ran. My mom still laughs about it. Maybe it traumatized me against all things Halloween!
These pictures are about as spooky as I get…..Have fun trick-or-treating!





8 thoughts on “Spooky Time

  1. You poor thing – it’s no wonder you were scared! I must admit I laughed at your story but only because of your little mummy costume becoming loose. I can imagine it was quite a sight for your Mom!

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