Life Is Interfering With My Hobbies…….

All of my hobbies… roses have blackspot, my camera is collecting dust, some readers of this blog are wondering if I am still alive…….I am, in fact, alive…. just extremely busy.

It gets like this every year, beginning in October and running through the holiday season. And every year I say I am not going to let it happen. This year I will enjoy Christmas!

And then I get swamped making costumes for Christmas plays, desserts for parties, shopping for gifts……….But not this year. Oh, I have plenty to do. An angel and a sheep costume to make, a Christmas party at my home for the kids at church, an enormous amount of shopping. But last week something happened that has made me determined to slow down and enjoy life a bit more.

An acquaintance of mine was told last week that she probably has ovarian cancer. She is close to my age. Three kids under the age of eighteen. They will do surgery next week.

So, it stops today….I will enjoy my family, enjoy the holidays and make time to do things that I enjoy. Life is too short not to stop and smell the roses.



9 thoughts on “Life Is Interfering With My Hobbies…….

  1. We always have so much to do in preparation for Christmas, I hope you will have peaceful moments during the holidays and lots of fun with your family. It’s always sad to hear someone has cancer, I hope she will be fine after the surgery.
    Your photo is lovely, very beautiful 🙂

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your friend. Life is cruel at times and it must make you want to hug your children even more. It makes you realise that all the christmas presents in the world don’t make up for health worries.
    I’ve missed your posts and I hope you find time this year to do all the things you want to… go on, dust off the camera 🙂

    • Thanks PJ Girl! I have good news about my friend! Much to the doctor’s surprise the tumor was benign!

      I am definitely going to make more time to devote too photography and the blog this year! Thanks for the encouragement!

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