Snow in the Blue Hour

Ok, I am really going to drag the whole snow thing out for awhile because….

1. It snows so rarely here in the great State of Mississippi,

2. It has been raining so much the past few weeks I can’t get out and take any new pictures!!!

While these are not my favorite shots compositionally, I quickly snapped them during the “blue hour”  right after dawn and really love the blue light and how crisp it made the snow look.  Notice how the blue changes as the sun starts to come up from deep indigo to a light blue to white with just a hint of blue.  It is also amazing to contrast these shots to the warm whites from my previous post, where the photos were taken at midday. A few short hours can make a world of difference in the world of light!

It was a comical scene- me out in the blowing snow trying to protect my camera with an umbrella and Ziploc bags (hey, whatever works :)!) while fighting off our new little lab puppy trying to bite my rubber boots! Hope you enjoy!

P.S. Please use your imagination and pretend that I cropped the edge of the children’s playhouse roof out of this picture so I don’t have to redo this post! Thanks!

IMG_2214 IMG_2225 IMG_2245 IMG_2264


5 thoughts on “Snow in the Blue Hour

  1. Wouldn’t have noticed the roof till you mentioned it! I don’t blame you for getting maximum mileage out of such a rare and special event. I really enjoy the changing quality of the light as the morning progresses as well. As for the Ziplocs and umbrella, I know that scene as well. One tip I learned somewhere is to carry a shower cap in your camera bag – size permitting – to at least provide some partial cover for the camera body in an emergency.

  2. Ah, a post or two ago I posted some photos of a very heavy snowfall in the morning and they all had this bluish cast to them as well, and I love your term, “the blue hour” which perfectly explains why my photos had this erie, cold overtone! Your photos are beautiful.

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