Several months ago I tagged along with my civil engineer husband as he went to inspect some construction work that had been done on a rail yard. He designs railroads for a living so a great deal of his life (and by extention mine 😉 ) revolves around these big iron beasts.  Add in my toddler’s obsession with Thomas the Train and  everywhere I turn there are “choo-choos!” I tell my husband that I probably spend as much time designing (Thomas) railroads as he does in a day’s time!

Railroads are big part of the landscape here in Mississippi, although their role in daily life has changed dramatically over the last century.  Most all small towns were designed around their proximity to rail stations.  When I was a child, I was told by an elderly gentleman that my little hometown had actually originally been several miles away from it’s current location.  When the railroad was completed, they disassembled the entire town, including the wooden streets, and reassembled it board by board so that Main Street would end at the depot. All in a week’s time!!! Of course, this was during a time when passenger rail was the only mode of long distance transportation.  As that has faded, unfortunately so have most of the small towns that surrounded it.

My husband works strictly with freight rail companies, which is a totally different animal and still (thankfully) a thriving industry. Due to the very strict safety regulations that govern the railroads, I was not able to get out of the truck and walk at all but was able to get some decent shots with my big zoom from the parking area!  This is a different kind of post from me, very industrial,  hope you enjoy!


IMG_1634 IMG_1631 IMG_1656/


6 thoughts on “Choo-Choos!

  1. So interesting! My husband loves railroads – an obsession since childhood. But we don’t have the talent for even putting a toy train set together. Still, we like to ride the trains that are around here (not many). Your shots are wonderful. I absolutely love the last pic!

  2. That’s a bumpy-looking section of rail in the last shot!

    I was a mad model railroader when I was a teenager and sometimes think I’ll revert to that very absorbing pastime when I’m a bit older and have a nice room of my own to play in again.

    Something about rail travel makes it very special. I used the Amtrak a couple of times last time I was in America and must say I found it very comfortable and relaxing for a four-hour journey, much more so (I need hardly add) than the Greyhound. And with wifi!

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