Spring. Sort of….

Spring had sprung.  The weather was wonderful with temperatures settling in the 60s, low 70s.  Buds and blooms were bursting forth from every tree and bush, including my favorite spring bloomers, the pear trees.  Their beautiful pink buds open up into white flowers within a few days….


The roses are budding out, including my six new bushes that I bought for $10 at a local nursery last fall at a they-have-blackspot-good-luck! sale. I nursed them back to health and they all seem to be doing fine.IMG_3439

The redbuds had exploded….


The birds had arrived….

It was spring.

At least until last Sunday night, when temperatures dropped into the upper 20s at night and with highs only in the 30s during the day. My father reminds us most years that his grandfather, a cattle farmer, always warned to have enough hay to get through March because there is always a brutal, cold snap that comes late and fools everyone. It is good to know that some things never change!

Hope your Spring has been a bit warmer than mine!


4 thoughts on “Spring. Sort of….

  1. I just hope all those buds don’t suffer too much. At least we’ve had more or less constant cold weather till now! (We still have snow – yes, at the end of March!) If it’s any consolation, you are not alone!

  2. I really like that bird shot. I have been fooled by a “false” Spring here a few times of late. Even today I just replaced the cap I walked to work in with a woolen hat. But the trees know, and the cherries have just peaked in this area – bad news for me as I planned to go to the country’s biggest cherry blossom festival this weekend!

    • Thanks!

      I hope the cold hasn’t hurt the blooms and you get some good shots! I have always wanted to go to Washington, D.C. during cherry blossom time. Possible the most beautiful blooming tree, especially when en masse!

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