As a friend and I were talking a few months ago, the conversation turned toward personality types- specifically introverts vs. extroverts.  When I observed that I was an unusually talkative introvert, my friend made the insightful point that introverts are not necessarily shy people, but are just people whose batteries get recharged by being alone.  The opposite being true about extroverts, they are not always talkative types, but thrive when surrounded by others.

Makes perfect sense to me.  I love being around people- I coach, I teach….but honestly, it sucks the life out of me if I don’t get some “away from the world” time.

I say all of this to explain  that  right now I am completely drained dry of any creativity.  It has been months of constant going and giving and I am just tired.  Therefore today, as I reach down into the depths of my soul to come up with a post, all I can muster for you is randomness.

These are shots that I have been trying to fit in for awhile now, but have lacked the imagination to put together in a cohesive fashion…..

What a tornado will do to a once-majestic, century old tree….

Winter Sage Grass….

White iris, the earliest bloomers around these parts….

Pine tree pollen cones, currently causing havoc to sinuses all around the South….

A slew close to my house at sunset….

Told you it was random! Hope your day is a little less aimless 🙂


2 thoughts on “Randomness……

  1. Being an introvert, I completely understand. I NEED my alone time. Perhaps that’s why I so love being in the garden. I am alone with my thoughts, clearing my head, and charging my batteries.

    • “Alone/Garden” time is the best! It is like a mental vacation! I am with you on it being a necessity, not a luxury. Took me a long time not to feel selfish for taking “me” time. It saves my sanity!

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