Foxglove Love

Wow, cheesiest title ever….most of my loyal readers will not believe this, but I used to be a decent writer.  In college, a couple of professors even suggested it as a career path. But now, a mere fifteen years later this is what you get – Foxglove Love – because it rhymes and I can’t think of anything else. My apologies….

Hope your Monday was at least tolerable….


9 thoughts on “Foxglove Love

  1. I always find the pictures easier than the words and the post title is the trickiest for me. Your foxglove photos are absolutely charming…. love them!

  2. Oh dear. I didn’t think it was a cheesy title. I bet I’d be seriously guilty of cheesy titles if I went and had a look! (best not to…) Gorgeous pictures of your foxgloves! I’d be in love, too! Dana

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