Flying High

Sorry about the extended absence! I have spent all of my free time and energy here lately working on learning portrait photography. I have mostly been working with children and teenagers and I just don’t feel comfortable putting pictures of them online for safety reasons.

I learned a lot about photography (lighting especially) in this little exercise, but I think I’m ready to get back to photographing nature – it is generally a lot more cooperative than toddlers!

This shot is one of my favorites from this summer. I saw this large bird circling my yard for a few a minutes, so I grabbed my camera. Fortunately, he was nice enough to line himself up perfectly with the ominous storm clouds brewing in the background. (A toddler would have never been so easily persuaded!) After a little research, I discovered that this was a swallow-tailed kite, a rather rare bird in this area that is on the Audobon’s Watch List.

Swallow-Tailed Kite


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