Civilized Southern Swamps

I have spent the great majority of my life avoiding swamps. Snakes, alligators, countless legends about reptilian monsters, mysterious “swamp lights”, amorous couples disappearing without a trace. Didn’t sound like much fun to me….

However, my desire to get some photographs of the wildlife that live in these boggy areas eventually overcame the chicken within and I set out to find a more “civilized” kind of swamp. One where you can observe and photograph wildlife while all while avoiding close contact with reptilian monsters. And yes, there are such wonderful places…..federal and state wildlife refuges! The best of both worlds- you can ride down well maintained roads, set up to shoot in cleared off areas, and still get pretty close to wildlife! And if Shrek does happen to show up and you scream loud enough, wildlife rangers with weapons show up. Doesn’t get much better than that.

This gator was huge- about 8 or 9 feet long….




Swimming off into the sunset….


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