Goose Eggs!

A pair of Canadian geese decided to make a nest at our lake this spring. She actually let me get much closer than I expected….


This is mom sitting on the nest.


When she went for a swim, I snuck a bit closer to the eggs in very ninja-like fashion and snapped a few shots….



Blue Morning

I have found myself quite jealous lately of people who get to travel and take photos of the most majestic scenes our world offers. Having young children, travel is just not in the cards anytime soon. But sometimes I wake up and look out my window and it hits me that there is majesty all around me and truly good photographer will see it and capture the moment for everyone to enjoy.


Shelter From the Snow

Snowy Visitor

It is not often that we get snow this deep in the South! This young, white-tailed deer that was wandering around in our back pasture seemed to be enjoying it though!


Foggy Winter’s Morning

First Frost